Our mission is to provide and implement frameworks to ensure companies prevent unintended or adverse outcomes by developing process improvement strategies that increase efficiency, productivity and promotes organizational resiliency.

A&M Solutions specializes in human – factors engineering which allows for error reduction in the workplace. By utilizing established performance improvement techniques, A&M Solutions has the unique ability to stimulate results and increase significant growth for its clients.


Human & Organizational Performance Improvement (HoPI)

Program Development & Implementation – Assist companies with development and/or implementation of HoPI Program

Coaching & Mentoring – Coaching & Mentoring – Provide guidance and support to all employee levels including individual contributors, mid, senior and executive – level leadership and current HoPI Specialists.

Facilitation – Assist with development or facilitation of HoPI Training and workshops. For more information please review “Workshops.”

HoPI Effectiveness Assessment – Review and assess current HoPI program for overall efficiency while identifying gaps which impede desired program performance.

Process Improvement

Procedure Use & Adherence – Providing employees with the “correct” processes and procedures for facilitating work will ensure companies achieve expected results every time.

Process and Procedural Development – Assist companies with achieving desired results by developing quality processes and procedures.

Coaching & Mentoring – Provided guidance for procedure writers and reviewers to ensure procedural effectiveness and quality.

Procedure Review & Assessment – Evaluate procedural deficiencies which can hinder expected use and performance.

Event Analysis

Independent Investigator – Perform and act as independent “Event” investigator by performing analysis such as Root Cause Investigations, Apparent Cause and Common Cause Analysis.

“Event” Analysis Program Development and Implementations – How does your company define and prevent an “Event?” A & M Solutions assists with the development and/or implementation of Corrective Action Program (CAP).

Coaching & Mentoring – Act as independent reviewer during incident investigations and analysis. Provide guidance and support to leadership and analysis teams to ensure quality investigation and reports. For more information, please review “Workshops.”

Establishing Corrective Actions – Assist with developing “SMART” to prevent reoccurrence. Perform Effectiveness Review with companies current Corrective Action backlog,

CAP Effectiveness Assessment – Review and assess current CAP for overall efficiency.


Event Cause Analysis – The “how-tos” of performing an “Event” investigation. Provides analysis tools overview and case studies to assist with the performance of a RCI, RCA or Common Case.

HoPI Fundamentals – Introduction course that provides the basics of HoPI.

HoPI Refresher – Provides overview of fundamentals course with added focus on additional strategies such as CI.

HoPI Implementation Strategies – The WIIFM and top strategies for developing and implementing a successful HoPI Program.

Collaboration Culture – Establishing a culture of transparency and shared learning is essential to creating a successful HoPI. We’ll teach you how.


Ashley Simpson

Ashley Simpson is the Chief Executive Officer of A&M Solutions, which was founded in 2016.

Ashley served as Program Manager for ITC Holdings, where she was responsible for leading Performance Improvement Program initiatives for over 700 employees and contractors within ITC’s Operations Organizations.


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